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Creative Launch


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The Flying Pig Factory way...
We believe the right resources applied to the right dream, can help change the world. We focus on helping micro-influencers launch their ideas well.

Authentic Branding

Creating a brand that encompasses your values and style will give you longevity and passion for what you want to represent.

Adventurous Choices

Personal and creative risk pushes us out of our comfort areas. We challenge our clients to think beyond anything that they have already done.

Adaptable Processes

The creative mind loves to go on tangents. These tangents are what make your dream unique. We create a process that adapts to you.

Affordable Marketing

Utilizing social media platforms with your personal influence reach, makes marketing obtainable and affordable.

Our Services

Marketer as a Service

Marketing Plan Development, Social Media Plan Development, SEO Analysis & Recommendations, Branding, Recommendations, Competitive Analysis, Content Development, Market Research

Ideation as a Service

Idea Accountability, Value Alignment Consultation, Creative Brainstorming, Network & Community Analysis, MVP Plan Development, Go-To-Market Strategy, Business Plan Consultation

Technologist as a Service

Technology Stack Recommendations, Long-Term Roadmap Development, MVP Scope Consultation, Skills Gap Analysis & Team Structure, Infrastructure &, Architecture Analysis, Agile Process Tuning, Code Review, Productionization Planning, Data & Security Audit​

In-House Services

Photography & Media, Brand Development, Website Design, Web Site Hosting, Online Media Production, Online Class/Course Set-up.

Our Clients

Messy Pancakes

Stephanie was a delight to work with. The challenge was to capture her vision in sharing her passion for health, spirituality, being a specail needs mom and wife all into one cohesive brand. A blog/vlog with a personal brand was key.


Biel Tunnel Boats

The Biel Tunnel Boat project has been about working with an existing brand to bringing it to the next level. We worked with the client to get their website created and moved to a more user friendly platform, created and established socail media platforms, created brand-conistant graphics using photography and videoaugraphy.

Bridgit G Smith

Website, Brand/Logo Development, Social Media Campaign


Mercado Martinez Counseling

Website and Logo Creation

Brittany Wangler

Personal Platform, Brand/Logo Development, Website, CD Launch, Go Fund Me Campaign, Social Media Campaign


Revival Lifestyle

Book Launch and Formatting, Website and Brand/Logo Development, Book Cover Design and Audible Book Launch

Danny Martinez Creative

Book Launch and Formatting, Website and Brand/Logo Development, Book Cover Design and Illustrations

Sally Krueger

Website/Blog and Brand/Logo Development, Book Development


Website and Brand/Logo Development, Social Media Launch and Group

Dirty Girl Nursery

Business Rebrand, Website and Brand/Logo Development, Product packaging and development, Social Media set-up and training.

Taylor Made K9

An expert in her field, Shelby knew she had the passion and knowhow to start her own K9 boarding and training facility. Through accountability social media, basic business practices and branding we helped Shelby as she purchased property for a facility and launched her company from the ground up. 

Vicki Eitel

Vicki is a writer who wanted to refine her existing brand. We created a new website, logo and supporting graphics (for social media). She can sell her book, offer printables and stream her talks right from her new site.



Kynslee's Light

This non-profit wanted to launch an on-line system that allows all types of learners the opportunity to learn scripture. This project required everything in our arsenal from songwriting, to recording, to e-learning and videography. 

Michelle Kristen

Michelle is a creative that needed a brand that could be used over time as she builds her audience. She has many interests and passions, so we need capturing the many sides with her. She is currently putting together an album and we are helping her create an online presence. 


The vision behind processINK has the potential to imprint on many lives. This brand is still in the testing stage as we build the structure of the business, test the market, and continue to develop the best product. 


HerRoar/Tracy Kate Art

As a creative, Tracy has a lot of interests. We have been bringing all of those areas into one brand under HerRoar: the art of Tracy Kate. A broader brand will allow her to explore as an artist. We created a website and connected a shop using

Pennsylvania Companies

Logo Transformation

Dedicated Credit

Social Media Campaigns, Caricature Creation and Development and Print Work

Stick Or Stone

Stick Or Stone will continue to be a brand that we partner to build as the owner is passionate about providing artisan materials to those that value the hand crafted industry.

Learning to Leave

Book Format and Published, Personal Platform, Brand/Logo Development, Website


DeeDee Riely

Personal Platform, Brand/Logo Development, Website, Preliminary Book Development

New Biginings (Hair)

Website and Graphic Recreation

Bekah Bigelow

Personal Platform, Brand/Logo Development, Website

Best Widow Ever

Personal Platform, Brand/Logo Development, Website, Preliminary Book Development


Logo Development, Logo Re-Creation, Social Media Campaign, trade-show video promotion, and Launch Plan, 

Cliff & Antoinette Music

Website and Personal Brand, Preliminary Book Development

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